Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bergenia cilata will grow in dry soil, dappled to partial shade. Slugs, deer and rabbits hate it. Partial shade are areas that receive full sun early in the am or late in the afternoon. Dappled shade is the area under trees where the light peeks through post of the day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Drying flowers

If you have ever considered raising flowers for your own designing needs the following are perennial and very easy to do.
Achillea-coronation gold or the pearl, aconitum, alchemilla, artemesia, astilbe, tansy, delphinium, echinops, gypsophila, hydrangea, lavender, lunaria, liatris, german statice, sea lavender, peonies, poppy pods, roses, solidago, stachys, centaurea, catananche.
All can be dried successfully by hanging upside down in a hot, dry, dark environment.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ground covers

I have just read an interesting article on ground covers. Some of the varieties suggested to use are:autumn fern, Christmas fern for shade as they stay evergreen(mostly). Also tiarella cordifolia grows well in dry shade and comes in many varieties and has the benefit of being a native. For a sunny spot try blue-eyed grass (also a native) and Blue star creeper and sedums. Sweet woodruff is a favorite of mine because it has pretty blossoms early in the spring but the foliage stays nice all summer--also a shade plant. Mazus reptans, thyme, crested iris and oregano also do well in the sun. One I am trying in shade is ceratostigma plumbaginoides because it has wonderful blue flowers and leaves turn red in the fall. Another variety I am trying this year is stachys macrantha also referred to as big betony, has crumpled green leaves with blue flowers.